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Making the most of the British weather - Four Degree

Making the most of the British weather

We all know how unpredictable the British weather is. So much so that the met office is our number one source of fake news, “22 degrees today and sunny” *looks out of window and sees a thick layer of snow forming on the window ledge*

This uncertainty does, however, instill an amazing exuberance for the sun from everyone you meet. Unlike countries where the sun is common-place and they take it for granted, we appreciate the sun for the rare star it is, even if it doesn’t show us much love back, we love it anyway.

The question is, how will we make the most of this glorious weather before the clouds come and take it away from us like a hungry, grumpy child, jealous of our delicious, bright sun.

Here’s how; be ready for summer, have a plan, a strategy and know where the sunspots are. Here’s a checklist to get you started:

  • Outside space – obviously, no-one’s getting a tan staring through a window
  • West facing – if we’re doing it, let’s do it all day
  • Terrace by the river – come on, you don’t need to ask why surely?
  • Enough room for all your friends
  • Amazing cocktails
  • Food served all day
  • Views of the sun-setting over Battersea Power Station, OK, that one’s a bit specific but absolutely a game-changer

Well, it just so happens our riverside terrace ticks all those boxes and more. Plus with our new summer menu soon to be released your summer just got a whole lot more exciting. Let your friends know Four Degree is the place to meet when that sun comes out.

We also serve an express lunch menu so you can get your vitamin D hit all week.