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Our Macallan Whisky Lounge - Four Degree

Our Macallan Whisky Lounge

On our mezzanine floor you will find our exclusive, one-of-a-kind Macallan Whisky Lounge. Home to some of the world’s rarest whiskies. This is an exclusive space for guests to either store their whisky, or simply sample some of the many whiskies on offer. The lounge itself comprises of glass cabinets full of hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of this liquor.

A particularly rare example we have is The Macallan 1946 Select Reserve, bottle No.32. A fifty two year old bottle from which only a select few in the world were born. And always high up in the top ten best whisky in the world lists. This whisky is unusual in that it was made with peated malt because of the then-prohibited pieces of coal that shot up because of World War two. This is a classic Macallan and considered one of the best ever realised. In 2010 this bottle of single malt whisky in Lalique Cire Predue decanter was sold at a charity auction for $460,000. It has a golden topaz colour, with a nose of citrus, lemon and peat with light apples, a sensual floral fragrance, with evocative wood and spice haunting afternotes.

Or The Macallan Thirty Year Old Sherry Oak, reveals hints of citrus orange and aromatic resin drawn from the enveloping depths of the Macallan’s bespoke Spanish sherry oak casks.The Macallan Reflexion represents the natural colour and beauty of The Macallan. A true reflection of the foremost influence of the first sherry seasoned, oak casks. It is bold and full bodied, a celebration of floral and vanilla notes, punctuated with fresh apples and apricots.

Among the seemingly bottomless well of Macallan whiskies, there is of course an abundance of other brands to accompany. Suntory whisky embodies the harmony that exists between Japanese nature and it’s people, this unique fusion establishes Suntory Whisky as an art form. Hibiki’s 30 year old is an absolutely stunning release from Hibiki. This was awarded the Trophy at the International Spirits Challenge in 2004, 2006 and 2008. It was also awarded the coveted title “World’s Best Blended Whisky” at the World Whiskies Award in 2007 and 2008! This is the meaning of Whisky.

The lounge is also home to Kinahan’s, Tomintoul, Yamazaki, Glencadam, Bruichladdich and Glenfiddich. We host live talks, tastings and workshops from some of the most famous whisky creators themselves. A beautiful experience for any novice or connoisseur. This lounge offers high amounts of passion in a very laid back setting. Come and feel rejuvenated through the calm.

The secret of enjoying whisky, be it Scottish or Japanese; is to enjoy the fruits of labour, appreciating true craftsmanship through years of patience and then simply sitting back and enjoying the moment, relaxed and contemplating just being alive. Whisky, the path of enlightenment through ones palette.

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